“Wind & Waves” Part 10

Wind & Waves: You Gotta Read This! (YGRT!)
“My eyes flow with rivers of tears.” Lamentations 3:48
“Strength in the River: Lessons in Hope from Suffering Saints of the Bible”
by Steve Swartz, Kress Biblical Resources, 2016, 207 pp., $14.99.
The great 19th century English preacher Charles Spurgeon said, “I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages.” When the pain of a life-altering event first arrives, the theological truths we know about God and suffering carry us, but in the actual moment of the suffering, we do not need advice, but comfort. Suffering in this life comes in many forms: death of loved ones, debilitating diseases, mysterious depressions, or wayward children. Often we can reach a point when we think the hurt should be decreasing, but we realize this so-called short-term crises is actually a marathon, or a swollen river of grief. Steve Swartz is Pastor of Grace Bible Church in Bakersfield, CA, and a seminary professor, and he knows firsthand what it means to hurt and suffer. Strength in the River offers not just help, but hope and comfort for those with deep, overwhelming hurts. Swartz has written 16 very brief chapters in a devotional format that teaches Truth and comforts the soul. He uses 14 people from Scripture, encouraging the reader by their response to hurt, pain, and suffering: Jeremiah, James, Jesus, Abraham, Ruth, Paul, David, Peter, Elijah, Job, Eve, Hemen, Joseph, and Hannah. Each illustration offers the hope of Christ as the remedy for suffering. Even if you are not suffering, this is a great resource for learning how to truly, biblically, comfort the hurting and suffering in a way that is the most effective and helpful. If you would like to contribute a copy of this book to the church library that is being assembled, please notify Pastor Jeff.