Church Staff
Oscar Chavez
Lead Pastor
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Timothy Lansing
Director of Student Ministries
Timothy Lansing has thrown his heart and passion into youth ministry for most of his life. His ministry DNA is reflected in his life passion. It is to tell everyone, anywhere, anyplace that you matter to God. Tim found his way to the cross as a young kid in this church. After college, he married his #1 Fan Janine. They serve together to reach young people in our community with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. Tim is passionate about Jesus, others, and family. Tim and his wife Janine celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary in May 2022. They are blessed with two sons, Wesley and Tyler, and two daughters, Rylee and Hannah.
Tim is also an active part of Momentum Ministry Partners, and is the director of the Urban Center on the Grace Norwalk Campus, and directs the Momentum Travel Teams for high school students.
Pastor Oscar Chavez
Timothy Lansing
Dave Goodwyn
As one of the elders, Dave Goodwyn helps to oversee the spiritual direction of our church. He teaches the adult Sunday School class. His wife’s name is Sandy.
Ron Muir
Along with the other elders, Ron Muir helps to oversee the spiritual direction of our church. He also occasionally teaches the Adult Sunday School Class. His wife’s name is Dee.
Vet Gonzalez
Eddie Morales
Each Deacon heads up a Commission.
Commissions are groups that oversee certain ministries in the church.
Anyone can serve in any of these Commissions, as well as their respective ministries.
Dave Goodwyn
Christian Ed. Commission
Dave Goodwyn oversees the CE (Christian Education) Commission, which is responsible for all of the teaching, training, and education ministries of the church.
Worship Commission
The Worship Commission is responsible for the atmosphere, environment, and tone of praise and worship at the church.
Vet Gonzalez
Missions Commission
Vet Gonzalez leads the Missions Commission, which is responsible for everything related to missions, evangelism, and outreach. His wife’s name is Jennifer.
Eddie Morales
Fellowship Commission
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Eddie Morales heads up the Fellowship Commission, which is responsible for encouragement by gathering together for meals and other events. His wife’s name is Patty, and their daughter is Anabella.
Victor Pearce
Care Commission
Victor Pearce heads up the Care Commision, which is responsible for the material, emotional, and mental needs of the church body.
Trustee Commission
The Trustee Commission is responsible for the budget, finances, and offerings at the church.
Grace Management Group, LLC
Don Lansing
Don Lansing is the head of the Grace Management LLC board, which is responsible for property, maintenance, and contracts, with the consent of the church. Also on this board are Tracy Lansing (Don’s wife), and Dave Goodwyn.
Women’s Ministry
Pauline Issa / Janine Lansing
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Children’s Ministry
Judith Vindiola
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Church Secretary
Oralia (Lulu) Alvardo
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Moderator: Dave Goodwyn
Vice Moderator: Eddie Morales
Recording Secretary: Pauline Issa
Asst. Recording Secretary: Stephanie Jones
Financial Secretary: Clansy Cabrera
Treasurer: David Ward
   Ron Morrow, Eddie Morales
   Pauline Issa, Bonnie Miller
   Alternate: Mark Miller
Auditors: Robin Predmore, Cheryl Sincock
Steward Secretary: Sandy Goodwyn
Chief Usher/Statistician: Don Klements